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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  savingchesters vs. plaiding
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You heard my brother. That’s right, I said brother. ‘Cause you know what, Bob? We’re not actors. We’re hunters. We’re the Winchesters. Always have been, and always will be. And where we’re from, people don’t know who we are. But you know what? W e   m a t t e r e d   i n   t h a t   w o r l d . In fact, we even saved a son of a bitch once or twice.

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ive been meaning to make work-related comics forever, so enjoy some choice movie title bastardizations.

(these all actually, seriously, happened, with no humor or awareness on the part of the customer at the time as far as I could tell. so, yes, someone actually asked for a ticket to “Detergent” with a straight face.)

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